The Leighton Hall

The Leighton Hall


The Leighton Hall is a 3-storey clubhouse with an outdoor swimming pool of Lancaster New City located near The Church of the Holy Family. Celebrate memorable occasion like weddings, baptismal, grand reunion, birthdays and get-together at Lancaster New City’s Leighton Hall clubhouse.

Features of Leighton Hall

Buckingham Ballroom

is in third floor of the clubhouse. Makes perfect venue for wedding receptions since it’s just a walk from the chapel. Size is 584 square meters with capacity of 250 persons in (banquet set-up) or 400 persons (theater set-up).

Swimming Pool Area

ideal for pool parties with the kids or enjoyable feast with the whole family. it has an area of 406 square meters with 250 person capacity. Features’ include a large pool, a kiddie pool, and separate shower areas for males and females.

Leighton Hall Lobby

has a size of 588 square meters with 250-person capacity (banquet set-up) or 400 people (theater set-up). The lobby at the ground floor has a small cafe where you and family can enjoy over a slice of cake or a cup of coffee.