St. Edward School

St. Edward School

    St. Edward School is a private school established in 2012 located right inside Lancaster New City. Your children do not have to travel far just to get an education. No more morning rush, less stress to get to school and more time spent with your family because there will be St. Edward Schools in different parts of Lancaster New City. Every two years, one school will open just 400-meter walk from the nearest residential areas. Right now, two campuses are open to students:


School Campus and Location

St. Edward School

the first campus located in Suntech iPark and Downtown Square.

St. Edward Faith Community School

the second campus located near Kensington Place Phase 3 has almost 2,000 Edwardians during SY 2015-2016.

The first campus has a line-up of facilities that will ensure the children are equipped with excellent education in a safe and secure environment:


Speech Lab


Multipurpose Room


Computer Lab


Computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory


Audio-Visual Room


Home Economics Lab


Science and Technology Laboratories (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and General Science)


Kindergarten Playroom


School Gymnasium


CCTV Cameras strategically placed in different parts of the school building


Features of St. Edward School Facilities

Speech Lab

the Speech Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that will hone students’ communication skills. It designed to be highly engaging to develop students’ facility of the language.


this 150-seater mini-auditorium is a facility that will enable the hosting of congregations and assemblies of students and other important activities, coupled with acoustic fixtures, digital sound and video equipment.

Computer Laboratory

the Computer Laboratory is an extension of the existing computer lab in the present building. There will now be separate computer labs for the grade school and high school levels.

Computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory

the computer Hardware Servicing Laboratory is an extension facility of the computer labs. This will be exclusive for the computer hardware troubleshooting and servicing course offered to the students as an elective course for high school.


the cafeteria spans almost four classrooms and is designed to provide students with a convenient dining hall during breaks and lunch.