Gabrielle Single Attached, Manchester Villages, Lancaster New City
(Formerly Lancaster Estates)

Turn over status: 6 months onwards

Gabrielle Single, Lancaster Estates is the 2nd biggest house model in the estate. It has a floor area of 84 sqm and a minimum lot area of 120 sqm. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets & baths and areas for living, kitchen, dining and lanai. Its lawn can accommodate 2 cars plus a 3rd one on the side of the house. The master’s bedroom can also be divided into 2 rooms (making a total of 4 bedrooms). If you plan to expand in the future and have more than 1 vehicle, Gabrielle is for you.


Total Contract Price:  ₱3,174,080.00

Reservation:  ₱20,000

1st Half of DP:  ₱25,762.40 (6mos)

2nd Half of DP:  ₱27,943.13 (9mos)

Monthly Payment:  ₱24,062.16

In-House Financing

Total Contract Price: Php 2,961,530.00

Reservation: Php. 20,000

Down Payment: Php 592,306.00 (20%)

Monthly Payment: Php 48,477.05

Note: MOVE-IN-12 is through Bank Financing


House Finishes

  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Tiled Toilet & Bath
  • Tiled Kitchen Counter with stainless kitchen sink
  • Painted plain cement finish interior walls
  • Painted sand blast finish for exterior walls
  • Powder coated aluminum windows
  • Pre-cast wall panels
  • Ceramic tile flooring for living, dining, and kitchen
  • Vinyl tile flooring for bedrooms, hallway, and staircase



Ground Floor Dimensions

  • Kitchen – 6.40 sqm
  • Dining Area – 8.20 sqm
  • Living Area – 9.20 sqm
  • Den / Guest Room – 11.50 sqm
  • Toilet & Bath 1 – 3.60 sqm

[“tabby title=”Second Floor Dimensions”]

  • Master’s Bedroom – 19.40 sqm
  • Bedroom 2 – 11.50 sqm
  • Toilet & Bath 2 – 5.00 sqm
  • Others – 9.20 sqm

Gabrielle Dressed Up Pictures

Gabrielle Turnover Pictures



Gabrielle Townhouse Sample Computation


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Total Contract Price includes taxes and processing fees.
  • Monthly Amortization starts a month after paying the full Down Payment (DP).
  • The developer will process the loan. Home buyers only need to submit the requirements.

Bank Notes

  • Processing Fees includes Transfer of Title.
  • Move In after paying full DP and loan approval.
  • Interest rate is 7.5% (prevailing bank rates will apply upon loan take-out).
  • Maximum loan term is 20 years for locally employed and 15 years for an OFW.
  • Loan Term depends on the Buyer’s age and capacity to pay.
  • Loan maturity is 65 yrs. for locally employed ; 60 yrs. for OFW.

In-House Notes

  • Processing Fees does not include Transfer of Title.
  • Interest rate is 18% per annum for a 5 year term ; 21% for a 10 year term.
  • Move In after paying the full DP and completion of Requirements.
  • Maximum loan term is 10 years for both locally employed and OFW.
  • Age allowed to loan is 18 to 60 yrs old.

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