Celeste Model House

Celeste Townhouse is a 3-storey house and lot located at Bellefort Estates. The layout is perfect for growing families. It also has a family enclave at the front of every house which gives more space for children to safely play and for family gatherings.

Celeste Townhouse is located at Bellefort Estates which is conviniently located at Daang Hari in Bacoor, Cavite and just 15 minutes away from Alabang.


Bank Financing

Total Contract Price:  ₱3,946,880

Reservation:  ₱25,000

Down Payment:  ₱31,224 (15 months)

Monthly Payment:  ₱29,961 (20 years)

In-House Financing

Total Contract Price:  ₱3,682,580

Reservation:  ₱25,000

Down Payment:  ₱59,293 (12 months)

Monthly Payment:  ₱60,320 (10 years)


House Finishes

  • Painted Sandblast Finish for with Decorative Stone Accent for Exterior Wall
  • Painted Plain Cement Finish for Interior Wall
  • Tiled Toilet and Bath
  • Tiled Kitchen Counter with Stainless Sink
  • Aluminum Frame Sliding Windows
  • Concrete Stairs with Wood Planks
  • Wood Handrail with Steel Decorative Railing
  • Ceramic Tiles for Ground Floor
  • PVC Tiles for Second Floor
  • Concrete Roof Tiles


Ground Floor Dimensions

  • Dining Area
  • Living Area
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet & Bath 1
  • Laundry & Service Area
  • Carport

Second Floor Dimensions

  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • Toilet & Bath 2

Third Floor Dimensions

  • Bedroom 1
  • Bedroom 2
  • Bedroom 3
  • Toilet & Bath 3

Celeste Dressed Up Pictures

Celeste Turnover Pictures



Celeste Townhouse Sample Computation


  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Total Contract Price includes taxes and processing fees.
  • Monthly Amortization starts a month after paying the full Down Payment (DP).
  • The developer will process the loan. Home buyers only need to submit the requirements.

Bank Notes

  • Processing Fees includes Transfer of Title.
  • Move In after paying full DP and loan approval.
  • Interest rate is 7.5% (prevailing bank rates will apply upon loan take-out).
  • Maximum loan term is 20 years for locally employed and 15 years for an OFW.
  • Loan Term depends on the Buyer’s age and capacity to pay.
  • Loan maturity is 65 yrs. for locally employed ; 60 yrs. for OFW.

In-House Notes

  • Processing Fees does not include Transfer of Title.
  • Interest rate is 18% per annum for a 5 year term ; 21% for a 10 year term.
  • Move In after paying the full DP and completion of Requirements.
  • Maximum loan term is 10 years for both locally employed and OFW.
  • Age allowed to loan is 18 to 60 yrs old.