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St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS)Lancaster Square Church of the Holy Family St Edwards Integrated School


St. Edward Integrated School (SEIS)Lancaster Square Church of the Holy Family

St Edward Integrated School is under Consultancy with La Sallian Schools Supervision Office. It is located conveniently inside Lancaster Estates, Alapan, Imus Cavite. No need for your kids to travel far to get to school. This means no more morning rush, a breeze to get to school on time, savings on bus fare, security, and spend more time with your Family.

     Lancaster Estates is an English countryside inspired Residential Community that spans over 800 hectares that covers three towns of progressive Cavite. Namely, Kawit, Imus and Gen Trias Cavite. The Development has Nine different house models to choose from that is right on your budget. Ranging from P850thou to P2.7M.

     Through the use of Cavitex, going to and from Lancaster Estates to the airport and MOA is less than 20mins. Travel time has really been cut short, giving you more time to spend with your loved ones.

Tuition Fees  S.Y. 2012 -2013






Kinder 1 Php 15,000.00 Php 2,450.00 Php 1,900.00 Php 19,350.00
Kinder 2 Php 16,000.00 Php 2,450.00 Php 1,900.00 Php 20,350.00
Grade 1 Php 17,000.00 Php 2,450.00 Php 1,450.00 Php 20,900.00
Grade 2 Php 17,000.00 Php 2,450.00 Php 1,450.00 Php 20,900.00
Grade 3 Php 17,000.00 Php 2,450.00 Php 1,450.00 Php 20,900.00
Grade 4 Php 18,000.00 Php 2,850.00 Php 1,450.00 Php 22,300.00
First Year Php 20,000.00 Php 3,250.00 Php 1,750.00 Php 25,000.00
Second Year Php 20,000.00 Php 3,250.00 Php 1,750.00 Php 25,000.00

Suntech iPark – Balance of nature and technology is best achieved. suntech ipark – Suntech iPark

Suntech iPark offers you a 25-hectare of prime property. A master planned community where balance of nature and technology is best achieved.

  • Highly sustainable IT park
  • Highly stimulating business environment
  • Vibrant social and family environment

Strategically located at the center of Suntech iPark’s master plan are the BPO and IT Office buildings built to provide a highly stimulating work environment for the more discriminating IT professional.

Suntech iPark will boast of a multiple building set-up carefully planned with the practical concept of space and mobility and even luxury and comfort in mind. Each building will be capable of hosting thousands of highly skilled professional even on a 24/7 basis.


for more info visit: 2013bannernews

The Philippines: On course for higher growth

The Philippines: On course for higher growth (Updated Jan. 4, 2012) 2013bannernewsA combination of strong consumer demand, increased state investment and sound monetary policy have combined to put the Philippines’ economy on course for a strong performance this year, leading analysts and financial institutions to revise their growth forecasts upwards to near 5%.

While some risk factors remain, such as the possible impact of a prolonged slump in global markets, observers are confident that the move to make funds available for the country’s infrastructure development will steady fluctuations in business confidence and prevent a repeat of last year’s lower-than-expected growth of 3.7%.

In a research note issued on April 8, Singaporean financial services firm DBS Group said while increases in public funding often gave cause for concern, it regarded the development as a positive step for the Philippines that should pave the way for growth.

“In the case of the Philippines, this is a welcome relief as it implies that the budget disbursement bottleneck has probably been cleared,” the firm said. “An expected acceleration in government spending in 2012 is a key reason why we see growth higher this year as compared to 2011.”

Speaking at the end of March, the governor of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Amando Tetangco Jr, told an investment conference that he believed the Philippines could sustain a wave of growth even if the global economy remains fragile.

“This is not a false start, the Philippines has indeed come on its own,” he said. “The growth story is not a fluke, it is the result of a series of reforms, reforms that were critically thought of and well executed.”

His confident outlook reflected the findings of an international survey by consultancy firm Grant Thornton International that showed business confidence in the Philippines ranked among the highest globally. The results, which were released on April 9, indicated that 82% of businesses were positive about prospects in the Philippines for the coming year, up from 74% three months previously.

Business confidence received a further boost on April 11 when the Asian Development Bank (ADB) revised its growth forecasts, saying it now expected GDP to reach 4.8% this year.

With inflation remaining below the central bank’s target range of 3-5% for the year, and a year-on-year fall in the consumer price index (CPI) for March from 2.7% in 2011 to 2.6% in 2012, some analysts have suggested that the BSP may decide to relax its monetary policy slightly. The BSP has so far lowered its benchmark rates twice this year, with the latest cuts announced at the beginning of March, taking the bank’s overnight borrowing rate to a record low of 4% and its lending rate to 6% after a 25 basis-point reduction.

Emilio Neri Jr, an economist with the Bank of the Philippine Islands, suggested in a commentary on April 4 that the BSP could consider a further shift in its rates policy. “Besides the manageable inflation path, recent economic reports show continued improvements in the economy, and most analysts who have been very pessimistic about the outlook for the Philippines are now raising their forecasts for full-year growth to closer to 5%,” he said.

Although the government has factored in a 2.6% budget deficit for this year, increased revenues look likely to offset higher spending, with the budget posting a $250m surplus for February. An economist at DBS Group, Eugene Leow, told ABS-CBN news on April 3 when the figures were issued that the monthly surplus – the first since mid-2011 – signaled well for the Philippines’ fiscal position.

“Considering that government spending has only started to ramp up over the last few months, the lower overall deficit for January to February suggests that government spending to support the economy can continue without deterioration to fiscal conditions,” he said.

While most indicators for the country’s economic performance are positive, the potential to under-achieve once again still remains. Some observers fear that global economic uncertainty could weaken demand for Filipino goods and services and reduce remittances from overseas workers. They also highlight the important role earmarked for the state in sticking to its pledge to keep investment channels open and ensuring key infrastructure projects meet target launch dates.

Source: Oxford Business Group Apr. 30,2012

Extra Income

Welcome to Prosperity! We Are Glad You Come Here!

cavite housing extra income 2013
cavite housing extra income 2013

First, let us thank you for stopping by our website and giving a few minutes of your time to read this message.

What You Can Expect?

We  do respect your time and we assure you that you’re not gonna receive annoying sales pitches or get rich overnight schemes because we believe that there is no such thing as  “Overnight Success.”

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for someone who is frustrated with the painfully slow progress they are making trying to build a reliable income. We are helping  those individuals who are overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do or simply anyone who are plain exhausted from trying to juggle their time while working a day job.

The sad part is, most people wake up and go over life activities that they don’t want or worse – they HATE! After all, there are monthly bills, a family to feed, tuition fees, loans, debts, mortgages, other necessities – sometimes silly vanities here and there and beer bellies to fill.

Extra Income Cavite Housing
Extra Income Cavite Housing

If You Are Not Yet Doing Well As You’d Like:

You have goals that you haven’t achieved yet.

You dream big dreams not just a regular paycheck.

You feel that you can be more than you are.

You feel that you can do more than what you’re currently doing.

You feel that you can have much, much more than what you’re getting.

Then, this place is a great start for you! Learn how to earn extra income and meet with like minded people who are also serious about changing something in their lives.

Imagine if you can even earn in your FREE time? Would you allow yourself how to earn EXTRA INCOME using the power of Internet and Social Media like Facebook? Would you like to do the work you were born to do instead of working on something you don’t enjoy?

Now is the time for you to work less and live more with an Internet Business you love.  Discover ways on how you could earn using the Internet and Social Media plus your passion even if you are not tech savvy or don’t know where to start for FREE!  

With this kind of business setup, you would enjoy lowest cost of advertisement. The Internet interactive in nature “will give you the best advantage through instant responses and ability to make them act in the fastest way possible.”

Now, finally see where you fit in and how you could start making money! This opportunity will be extra special packed with information that you can immediately apply as soon as you get accredited to our team.

extra income cavite housing

So Why Internet  and Social Media?

Listen to this video and be amazed on how powerful this tool can change your life! It changes our lives too ;-)

 Not yet convinced? Enjoy and watch this second video why Internet and Social Media is a MUST nowadays to earn extra income :-)

Since this is business, what are we gonna post in Facebook, or Twitter?

The answer is simple my friend. Think of the most in demand product right now. Imagine what is the most hot item nowadays that you are familiar with?

Have you seen the influx of properties whether house and lot or condo units in Google, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook? Have you seen anyone being tagged of a sample model house or a dressed up 1 bedroom unit? Well, if you are thinking about REAL ESTATE, then you hear it right!

  • Imagine having a flexible career with PHP 100,000 plus per month earning potential that you can train for and break into in only a matter of months. Real Estate agents enjoy these benefits and more. No wonder becoming a real estate agent is such a popular choice with career changers.
  • Residential Real Estate agents specialize in working with homeowners. You can have a full time income working part time at the comfort of your home.
  • Our team wants you to know that we understand that getting involved in the business means that you will be investing time, money and bringing your family, friends and acquaintances into your business life and future success.
  • If you like to socialize , working as a real estate agent may not feel like real “work” to you. Much of the career involves meeting people, chatting, and most importantly, building relationships. Also, real estate is not a 8-5 job . You’ll have the flexibility to set a work schedule that works for you.


  1. The real estate profession has expanded in the Philippines because of the exponential increase of our economy today. Helping people find their dream home is the greatest fulfillment we can get from it. It is indeed a meaningful career path. The service we provide to our clients are extremely valuable.
  2. A career in real estate provides flexibility and freedom to set your own pace. You can do it in a nearby Coffee Shop or right in your living area at home or any place you can imagine for as long as you have a direct access in the Internet. Income directly reflects your efforts, with no limits on what you can achieve. Successful people in real estate are goal-oriented, persevering, self-motivated, ambitious and people-oriented.
  3. You can be your own boss. A lot of people wanted to take charge of what they do day to day. You can manage your time, effort and resources. Imagine this: working in Facebook posting pictures of house and lot while with your family and love ones set at your own pace. How’s that for convenience?

We have answers. We have solutions. We have something you can discover as we did. Now, finally see where you fit and how you could start making money. Why are we saying that? Because we use these techniques ourselves and it has give us tremendous results. We want that for you too ;-) Come find out what’s going on and what we know that you deserve to find out.


Check this video and see for yourself:

Why is it a GOOD time now to go on REAL ESTATE?

Take note that House and Lot is a NEED and not WANT. This simply means that we all need shelter as we grow older so it is easy to sell online.

Have you discovered something around your area?

Think about our strong rate of Philippine Peso. Think about OFW Remittances. Think about flyers you see inside the malls. Think about various House and Lot banner ad posting in a wall in your friendly neighbors. Think about development of additional MRT in Cavite, additional airport, new expressway and others. The market is really growing. This is a strong sign that there is REALLY A DEMAND FOR HOUSE AND LOT.

Here is a local news from ABS-CBN to watch on how our strong economy is:

Not just that, it has been featured in International News obtained from BusinessWeek, a respected media in the U.S.

and who will never know Reuters,  the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals.

plus BizAsiaAmerica,  a daily global business news program aims to combine reporting of economic and financial issues in North and South America.


With all these beauty of the real estate industry and information technology, the question is: How would you take advantage of this growing opportunity?  How much market share will be under your name?

Your future is important to you, and it is important to us. This is your company. This is your future. Are You the Right Fit for this business? You are the right person in this business if:

  • You want to help people achieve their greatest dreams in life: to own a house and lot.
  • You are someone who wants to help those around you.
  • You are someone that wants to make an additional extra income or significant high income.
  • You want all the freedom that come with working your own business.

Do you know someone struggling to earn a living to the point that it affects their health, their mind, and eventually will affect their happiness? This opportunity is something that you will be able to share with the people in your life: the opportunity to make a great income · The chance to make new friends. · The opportunity to work around your schedule at your pace.

So if you’re ready, tara, let us begin our journey :-)


cavite housing team


  • At least 18 years old and above
  • Part time or full time
  • With Facebook account (preferred)
  • Familiar with Youtube, Facebook,Twitter, and other Internet Sites
  • Willing to be trained
  • Fresh College Graduate or College Undergraduate of Any Course

What are the benefits that you will get?

2. Incredible Earning Potential
3. Excellent Growth Opportunity
4. Performance Based Incentive ( Cash, Out of the Country Travel, Car Opportunity)
5. A twenty hour (24) global business working for you through Internet Marketing
6. Free online tools to make you start immediately
7. Unlimited access to our team resources
8.  Personality Development and Training Program to Develop Your Skills
9. Finally, a 3% industry based Professional Fee

How to Compute for your Professional Fee?

Total Selling Price of an average property PHP 2,000,000
3% Professional Fee (PHP 2,000,000 * 3%) PHP 66,000
10% Withholding Tax (PHP 66,000 * 10%) PHP 59,400

So just 2 units per month can give you PHP 100,000++ Income Opportunity!

How can you start? 

1. Attend the site orientation and accreditation program. Choose your schedule. Saturday or Sunday around 9:00 am to 9:30 am in KFC near Goldilocks in SM Mall of Asia.

2. Bring 2 pcs 2×2 ID pictures, photocopy of 2 Government ID’s and Tax Income Number (TIN)

3. Text us at (Globe): 0917-8534875 or (Smart): 0999-9943304 for your preferred schedule.

We have answers. We have solutions. We have something you can discover as we did. Now, finally see where you fit and how you could start making money.

Why are we saying that? Because we use these techniques ourselves and it has give us tremendous results. We want that for you too ;-) Come find out what’s going on and what we know that you deserve to find out.





Consistent Top Producer for the year 2011 and 2012 giving you the greatest advantage in terms of extensive training and support to earn EXTRA INCOME.  We are recognized based on our performance. We do extraordinary things which keeps us always ahead of the competition!

Top Agent - Lancaster Estates - 2011
Cavite Housing Founder Gabriel Libacao Jr. was recognized as  Top 1 Property Consultant  during the Lancaster Estates Awarding held last December 2011. His first award as a newbie (in 4 months time) beating more than 5,000 seasoned Sales Agents in Lancaster Estate.
cavite housing gabriel libacao with president and ceo
Cavite Housing Founder Gabriel Libacao  Jr. was awarded as TOP UNIT MANAGER in Lancaster Eestate (both QUARTERLY and ANNUAL awards). In the image is with Profriends President Ms. Jocelyn Guzman and Profriends Chairman/Owner , Mr. Guillermo Choa – December 2012 Awarding.
Cavite Housing Top 1 Team - Quarterly Awarding 2012
Cavite Housing  Founder Gabriel Libacao Jr.  is recognized again as Top 1 Property Consultant in Lancaster Estate for Quarterly Awarding held last September 2012. In the image is Miss Kath Choa – daughter of the Profriends Owner and Sir Gabby – Senior Management Officer of Profriends.


Cavite Housing Award - Annual Award 2012
Cavite Housing Team  is again recognized as Top Team for Quarterly and  Annual Award held last December 2012. We received 4 milestone awards for your group: Lancaster Rookie Agent of the Year  2012 (Boni Andrew Domingo), Lancaster Top Agent of the Year 2012 (Boni Andrew Domingo), Lancaster Top Unit Manager of the Year 2012 QUARTERLY (Gabriel Libacao Jr.), and Lancaster Top Unit Manager of the Year 2012 ANNUAL (Gabriel Libacao Jr.)


Cavite Housing Award - Top Team for 9 consecutive awardings.jpg
Cavite Housing Team is the unbeatable team receiving 10 consecutive awards for the year 2012 as the Top Team.  In the image is the  Profriends Senior Account Officer, Miss Lala Domingo (in red), Division Head – Miss Angeline Gardiola (giving cash incentive) and Sir Owen Martinez – Project Sales Director of Profriends giving multiple plaques to the Cavite Housing Founder – Gabriel Libacao Jr.
Cavite Housing Award - Top Team for 9 consecutive awardings with partners
Cavite Housing Photo Op  Picture Award – Top 1 Team for 10 consecutive Awardings. In the image are the Cavite Housing team members who are also recognized during the awarding. In the image is the Profriends Project Sales Director – Sir Owen Martinez, Profriends Senior Account Specialist – Miss Lala Domingo and Division Head – Miss Angeline Gardiola.


Cavite Housing Annual Awards Annregar - Erwin
Cavite Housing Team received 3 recognition during the Annual Awards held last December 2012. Mr. Erwin Baguioan was recognized as Top 3 Property Consultant from the entire group.
Cavite Housing Annual Awards Annregar - Boni Andrew Domingo
Cavite Housing Team received 3 recognition during the Annual Awards held last December 2012. Mr. Erwin Baguioan was recognized as Top 3 Property Consultant and Boni Andrew Domingo as Top 1 Property Consultant from the entire group.


Cavite Housing Annual Awards Annregar - Gabriel Libacao
Cavite Housing Team received 3 recognition during the Annual Awards held last December 2012. Mr. Erwin Baguioan was recognized as Top 3 Property Consultant and Boni Andrew Domingo as Top 1 Property Consultant from the entire group. The Cavite Housing Founder, Mr. Gabriel Libacao Jr. was awarded as Top 1 Unit Manager of the group setting another milestone again.


Here is the video awarding held last December 2011 when the Cavite Housing Founder, Gabriel Libacao Jr. received the recognition as the Top 1 Property Consultant in Lancaster Estate.

P.S. Don’t delay your success. Call us now to schedule your accreditation. Share this message to your friends and help them grow using the power of Internet. See you there!

Lancaster Estates

LANCASTER NEWS: Why Choose Lancaster Estate?

Why Choose Lancaster Estate?

Cavite Housing _ Lancaste Estate Logo
Cavite Housing _ Lancaster Estate Logo


YOUR DREAM HOUSE LITERALLY CAN COME TRUE – We have 8 model houses to choose from. We offer bigger and more spacious townhouses and single attached units for your family to have more rooms to grow and bond. You can finally have that bigger home you’ve always wanted at a very affordable price.

CONVENIENT LOCATION – Situated near supermarket, shopping malls and entertainment centers so everything you need is just a stone’s throw away. Less than 30 minutes from Baclaran, SM Mall of Asia and Airport thru the NEW CAVITEX Expressway – shortcut way to avoid traffic hours along Bacoor! Less time travel, more time for family bonding.

WORRY FREE LIVING – Lancaster Estate provides you with 24 hour security, 7 days a week within a gated community to ensure a worry free for your family.

A BETTER LIFE – Coming home everyday has become more exciting as a new and better life awaits you. Imagine living in an exclusive subdivision with all amenities and facilities you want without compromising your budget.

Eco-friendly community, pollution free, away from main road. Peaceful community, away from the noise and chaos of traditional urban setting. Near schools and banks. Nearby hospital available. Affordable High End houses with First Class Amenities.