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About Cavite-Housing

The goal of Cavite Housing together with Lancaster New City Cavite is to be the online resource in helping potential, qualified, first-time home buyers to stop wasting hard earned money on monthly rent payments and start building up equity in their own property and boosting their net worth by becoming homeowners.

In the Philippines, never before has home ownership been an option for so many people. Average Filipinos can now realize their dreams of becoming homeowners. If you discover that you’re one of these people, in the next few months, you too could find yourself living comfortably in a new home.

Our Advocacy:
Stop Renting! Own Your DREAM HOME.

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http://www.cavite-housing.com is the official website of Gabriel Libacao Jr., a Unit Manager of Property Company of Friends, Inc. He handles the Cavite Properties of Profriends. Awarded as “Top 1 Property Consultant for 12 consecutive awardings”. In this website, you are going to see some projects that can satisfy your dream place for you and your family.  
Cavite Housing Dream Team – Allow us to help you find your dream home today!