LARGEST Floor Area
English Inspired
Starts at 885 per day
Linear Park and Balcony
Php 26,000 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

*Starts Php 758 per day
* Best seller for Expats
* BIGGEST Lot Area
* Solo house – English Theme
Php 20,551 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 585 per day
Hot pick for Practical Pinoys
Widest Living Room Area
European Style
Php 16,599 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 475 per day
Ideal for Private Families
Most Affordable Solo House
Solo House-UK Design
Php 14,227 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 366 per day
Record Breaker for OFWs
Best Exterior and Interior
Townhouse- Modern UK Taste
Php 11,593 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 300 per day
Top Seller for Pag-ibig Members
Townhouse- Fresh UK Exterior
Php 9,090 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 250 per day
Perfect for starting Families
3 Bedrooms
1 Toilet and BathBalcony
Php 6,876 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 475 per day
70 sqm Floor Area
60 sqm Lot Area
4 bedrooms
1 Balcony (Provision)
Php 12,646 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 56p per day
85 sqm Floor Area
60 sqm Lot Area
2 Balcony Provision
Php 15,018 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 675
90 sqm Floor Area
100 sqm Lot Area
3 Bedrooms
2 Balcony (Provision)
Php 18,970 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

Starts at Php 795 per day
110 sqm Floor Area
100 sqm Lot Area
4 Bedrooms
2 Balcony (Provision)
Php 22,132 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years

110 sqm Floor Area
100 sqm Lot Area
4 Bedrooms
3 Toilet and Bath
2 Balcony (Provision)
Php 22,132 per month – Bank Amortization for 20 years


Lancaster New City Cavite Housing – Amenities

Lancaster New City was made for the Family. The PROPERTY COMPANY OF FRIENDS created a development like no other. More than 1,400 hectares of land in Cavite for a one of a kind township. Acquire with neighboring modern and developed Asian countries. This is all for the Family who will have more than a home at Lancaster New City.

Lancaster New City’s single-attached home even has its very own Family Courtyard or family enclave. The extra outdoor spaces near their homes were children can safely play and were families can gather with friends.

Each residential village is connected to a well designed road network that brings them closer to Schools, Commercial Areas, Community Centers and places of Worship with transport system that travels residents to different areas of the township.

No need to go far for quality education, within the township itself St. Edward Integrated School will just be a 400m walk from their residential areas, there will be several community schools within the entire development that provides globally competitive education. At St. Edward Integrated School, students are raised to become globally competitive with a strong sense of character, to a project oriented curriculum that addresses different types of learners.

Within Downtown Lancaster is The Square a sprawling commercial center that helps the several commercial and retail establishments.

Near The Square is Suntech iPark, the first campus type office and IT business part development in Cavite that allows residential communities to work close to home.

For leisure, head to Central Greens, a landscaped area with pocket gardens, tree-shaded walkways with benches and interconnected pathways. Here, families can relax and enjoy the outdoors and its abandoned open spaces.

With family comes community, there are many open spaces, community centers, a clubhouse and parks for children to play-in and for friends and families to enjoy their weekends.
Regular activities and other events such as fitness and sports sessions, weekend markets, traditional halloween trick or treats and parol making contests for the family.

Livelihood and other community-related seminars will also be held to help build a strong, secure and supportive community.

At the heart of Lancaster New City is the Church of The Holy Family, a place of worship and a base for all Lancaster New City residents to participate in prayer groups and other community advocacies.

A place to bond and make memories, a place to grow in, a place to comeback to, the only place of built for the family with everything they need.

A world class township for the Filipino family to live, learn, work, play and worship. Lancaster New City.


More than homes, Lancaster New City provides a complete community for the family to bond together. Our homes were built after extensive study on the evolving needs of the family with insight other movement activities inside their homes.

Each house model is a celebration of light and space inspired by modern Asian architecture. They’re well neat and well ventilated for your family’s needs. These homes are more than just structures; they’re what you and your family truly value.

Aside from the well-studied indoor house, residents may enjoy the extra outdoor space infront of each home that gives them space to play, with more privacy, security and a sense of exclusivity.

Each family enclave is equipped with facilities, encourage families and their guests to embrace nature, the outdoors and be fit.

You won’t find any other home like this, homes made for Families and Young Professionals every stage of their lives. Homes to make memories in, homes to bond and grow in together. Lancaster New City, YOU’RE SURE IT’S COMPLETE.



Call Gabby to schedule for a site viewing. Choose a BLOCK and LOT, then pay the Reservation. Buyer’s Counseling to know your Rights and Responsibilities.



Buyers are given 60 days from Reservation to Submit the documents. Lists of Requirements can be found above. Bank and In-House forms are provided.



Buyer’s are given 60 days from Notice of Completion to inspect their unit. Upon acceptance. Buyer can Move-In to their new unit.



Largest Bank in the Philippines
Oldest Bank in the Philippines
One of the largest Bank in the Philippines
One of the largest Bank in the Philippines


China Bank
First Bank in South East Asia
Provine located at the Southshores of Manila Bay
civilian national police force of the Philippines
General Trias
First Class Municipality in Cavite


First Class Municipality in Cavite
Capital City of Cavite
Suntech iPark
First ever IT Park in Cavite
St. Edward
Offers Quality, Human and Christian Education
Home Development Mutual Fund
A Place for the Family